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xx Easter riding in France | 17 Aug 22
02:49:24 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 2287 | Comments: 7

Ride Reports
I hang my head in shame that it has taken me four months to get this trip down on my website. And to be honest, one of the key driving factors is that I have another (non-motorcycle) trip ready to be written. The delay meant that I forgot a lot of things, and for some reason I don't seem to have as many photos as I thought I did to choose from. But ignore my pathetic excuses. I present to you now, for your entertainment.... the Loire Valley at Easter

And as usual, here are some teaser texts and photos to help you decide if clicking the link is worth it  8)

Basel – Langres

We were on our bikes shortly after noon on Wednesday, having packed ligh...

sad The slip and slide helicopter ride report | 15 Aug 22
02:58:28 by Grnarrowe | Views: 2492 | Comments: 7

Ride Reports

Well, here we go again.

July 22nd, I'm on my way to work taking my normal route. I live in Illinois and work in Wisconsin, a 30 mile commute thru mainly rural areas.

I'm running ahead of schedule so I'm taking it easy. No rush, it's a nice morning, traffic is light and so far no stupid people around me.

I turn off of US-45 onto County Road Q heading east.

The corner of doom is highlighted.

On Wednesday they were doing some maintenance on the shoulder of the road in between 2 corners, the first is to the left the second is to the right.
They have the east bound lane closed so we are diverted to the westbound lane, n...

xx Will Rogers Fly In | 14 Aug 22
18:41:13 by jay547 | Views: 2457 | Comments: 10

Ride Reports
Saturday morning, I rode out to the annual Will Rogers Fly In. It is held every August at the ranch in Oologah, Oklahoma, where Rogers was born. About 100 planes show up to the grass field. It's cool because you can walk out into the field, look at the planes, and talk to the pilots. You can even stand right next to the runway as they take off and land. They also have craft sales, a car show, a classic camper show, food trucks, etc. I've been several times.


xx Last month, I rode through a couple towns in northeastern Oklahoma | 11 Apr 22
22:03:36 by jay547 | Views: 2678 | Comments: 10

Ride Reports
First, I rode to Claremore, looking for old, historic buildings.

The Will Rogers Library, built in 1936 by the WPA. Now, the museum of history.

The Public Information Building, built in 1940 by the WPA.

Lincoln School, built in 1922 for the local African-American students. It now houses the school district's maintenance center.

Leaving Claremore, I ran across this old water tower. It probably leaks now.


xx Did someone ask for more dual-sport ride reports? | 10 Mar 22
22:32:00 by jay547 | Views: 4101 | Comments: 30

Ride Reports
Sunday, Feb. 20th, the weather was nice with a forecast high of 70°, so I went for a ride along the Illinois River in northeastern Oklahoma.

I parked at my usual spot, Edmundson Public Access.

I headed north along the GOAT (Green Country Oklahoma Adventure Trail). The road was in excellent condition. The gravel had been graded off to the side and there was just enough moisture in the dirt to make it tacky. It was like riding a twenty-mile long dirt track. Zero tire slip. It was a blast.

I found my new rive...

xx Provence, France - there and back! | 02 Aug 21
15:58:15 by Mrs. DantesDame | Views: 10163 | Comments: 41

Ride Reports
One of these days I'll have the full trip written up, but as I'm going through my photos I thought I'd toss a couple your way  Cool

I should have an actual link for you guys for the weekend  Thumbsup

xx No dual-sporting today | 02 Aug 20
22:01:29 by jay547 | Views: 15839 | Comments: 8

Ride Reports
I did some riding on the FJ-09 this weekend. The 450L never left the garage.

I did a short ride along the local highways and turnpikes Saturday morning since the weather was an incredible 69° and low humidity. This just doesn't happen in Oklahoma August. I had a bunch of stuff to do so I only rode about fifty miles.

Today (Sunday), I did a much longer ride through northeastern Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas. I got caught in our usual August pop-up storms so I ended up putting the camera away and only got a few pic's.

The old WPA school building at Evansville, AR. Now the fire department.

The overlook at Natural Dam, AR. I had been to ...

xx The GOAT Ride | 21 Apr 20
22:32:30 by jay547 | Views: 24163 | Comments: 37

Ride Reports
The Green Country Oklahoma Adventure Tour is a 438 mile, two day ride around the backroads of northeastern Oklahoma. It was set to be run the weekend of April 18th but the Chinese virus put an end to the official run. They had an unofficial partial tour on the 18th with about twenty riders. The tour is split into a north and a south section. I ran most of the north loop on April 10th, then on the 18th, I ran most of the south loop.

North loop:

I started in Disney, Oklahoma and ran the route the opposite direction of how it’s laid out. This direction worked out the best for me riding solo for just one day. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

An old WPA school.


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